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Naturally Vitamins - Innovation for Alternatives

From The President

"Nutrition is my passion and creating the best made formulas is our shared mission at Naturally Vitamins & Marlyn Nutraceuticals. I sincerely hope our enzyme formulas from Medizym® to Histame™ bring as much as healthy fulfillment to you as they have to us."

"Each formula is manufactured to the most exacting standards and reflects our lifetime of experiences as the leading enzyme innovators in the world today."

-- Meli Jelinic, President
 Naturally Vitamins, Marlyn Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Company Overview

Naturally Vitamins is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements with over 35 years of experience. We are a research driven company, dedicated to making innovative, alternative healthcare solutions to help people live longer, healthier, and more active lives.

We have a commitment to excellence. Naturally uses ingredients from the purest sources. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing factory meets and exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set for dietary supplements by the industry. We also operate under the standards and guidelines of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). All Naturally products also undergo the rigorous Third-Party Certification Protocol and comply with the requirements of the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy. We are an active member of the Natural Products Association which promotes self-regulation among its members to uphold truth and quality in natural health foods’ ingredients and labeling. In order to offer value to our distributors, retailers and users of our products, the highest standards are necessary.

We also recognize and take pride in fulfilling our social responsibility. We are a company that deeply cares about the environment. At Naturally, profitability, ecology and responsibility are not competing interests – they create a synergy that make our products and our world much better.