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Naturally Vitamins Suggests New Pricing Parameters For Product Line

Histame™ and the entire line of Naturally Vitamins’ products are premium supplement brands. More recently, the internet has become part of the distribution chain for Histame and Naturally Vitamins’ product line.

We want to make certain that all who sell our products understand and honor the company’s commitment to preserving Naturally Vitamins’ high-end reputation. We wish to avoid debilitating price wars that not only adversely affect Naturally Vitamins’ brand image, but also erode the profit margins of those distributors whose product support and investment maintains our brand image, thus undermining their devotion to our product line and reducing their available resources to promote Naturally Vitamins over competing products.

To that end, Naturally Vitamins reiterates its long-professed recommendation that all of its distribution outlets price Naturally Vitamins’ products at price points that reflect and support Naturally Vitamins desired image and which will most likely yield profits adequate to encourage support of its products. The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices (“MSRP”) that Naturally Vitamins provides best achieve that, and Naturally Vitamins encourages their use. However, our policy is that the minimum price point for Naturally Vitamins’ products be a maximum of 20% less than the MSRP. Pricing below this point -- even for bulk purchases -- creates a bargain basement impression that Naturally Vitamins historically has avoided and wants to continue to avoid.

Naturally Vitamins wants sales partners who respect our product line and care about our brand image. Thus, we expect all who sell our products to conform to these minimum price points. Naturally Vitamins reserves the right to terminate sales of all or a portion of its product line to any retailer who does not share and/or reflect Naturally Vitamins’ concerns for its products’ image.

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